Hybrid Application Development

A hybrid app is similar to a native app and is written using web technologies (HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript). The app can run locally on the device and also in offline mode. It is downloaded from the app store into the device and leverages powerful device features to launch and process HTML5 and JavaScript locally. While developing a hybrid app, developers need not rewrite the code from scratch for each mobile OS. Instead some of the application code can be written in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript and reused for different devices.


Why Should I Choose To Develop Hybrid Mobile App?

  • Can launch and execute on multiple platforms
  • Eliminates most of the device feature dependencies
  • Due to the reusable application code, faster development is possible
  • User-friendly and good UI experience
  • Easy maintainability, upgrades, and deployments


One of the most important and useful feature of hybrid apps is the development of web-to-native abstraction layer that allows access to device features, such as camera, local storage, and many more.   

Using HTML5 is the most popular way to develop a hybrid mobile applications. One of the reason being it allows using different UI frameworks that help build a user-friendly UI. JQuery Mobile and Sencha Touch are some of the JavaScript toolkits that are compatible with hybrid application development and help in achieving an elegant UI look that is very similar to a native app.

Our team of developers and designers create the UI as per client requirements and also involve the client in each phase of the UI development. This reduces several updates in the development code and the number of iterations of development – quality assurance – development is reduced.



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