Travel & Hospitality

Constant evolution of the travel and hospitality industry has revolutionized this segment. With globalization it has become even more critical to keep pace with the changing transactional, developmental and operational demands of the customers and at the same time achieve the objective of maximizing value. P. Murphy & Associates has the expertise to specially design and develop technology solutions to cater to the growing demand of consumers. To achieve greater customer sustenance and loyalty companies need to adopt numerous measures and keep themselves ahead in the competitive environment. Digital technology represents a milestone for travel & hospitality industry.

Technological advancements and the changing trends have given a boost to the travel industry. Property websites, email marketing, mobile technology, social and visual media are some of the transforming factors in the travel & hospitality industry. P. Murphy & Associates offers holistic solutions to enable excellent business performance by offering these solutions and services.

Our Travel & Hospitality services

  • Website Design and Redesign.
  • Website Hosting and Maintenance.
  • Business and E-Commerce Solutions.
  • Content Management Systems and Web Crawling.
  • Business and Enterprise Solutions.
  • WAP/Mobile Applications.

Why P. Murphy & Associates?

  • Innovative and efficient use of mobile technology.
  • Use of social network on brand image to retain customers, influence travel decisions and new customers.
  • Personalization, behavioral marketing and offer optimization by providing relevant information.
  • Reducing launch window (conceptualization to deployment) for launching new products and services using cloud services.
  • Ability to convert social media information into valuable Business Intelligence (BI).
  • Improve revenue management by optimization of pricing model.
  • Cloud computing for travel & hospitality segment.
  • Multilingual websites.



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