Android Application Development

In this Internet age the most important means of communication or accessing the Web is a mobile device. Most of the devices use Android, an open source operating system. Android is also used in many other electronic devices like televisions, cameras and game consoles.

Using the Android operating system, Android application development process develops apps for mobile phones, tablets and other devices. The apps are developed using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) for communicating, accessing the Web and many other tasks. Some of the apps are developed to give functional support to mobile devices.

Through various global implementation, P. Murphy & Associates has amassed experiences and experts in Android application development for numerous domains, such as Telecom, BFSI, Retail, Pharma, and Healthcare. Our experts have developed apps for different tasks related to Games, Social Networking, News, Banking, Maps, Media, Movies, Navigation, Interactive interfaces and Sound related applications. Our technical experts in Android Security Architecture, Wi-Fi, Android Media APIs and Android SDK, build apps that are more user-friendly.

The process of development starts with the requirements study and the design phase. Once the User Interface is finalized, the app is tested for different networks and devices. First the app is tested on an Android emulator and then on a real device.

Why P. Murphy & Associates?

  • Uses the latest network technology to provide robust solutions
  • Scalability with the latest advances in the Android OS
  • Android apps are built using latest technologies
  • Cost-effective development process
  • User-friendly UI with compact data representation
  • Secure database structure
  • Scalable customization
  • Defect-free upgrades and porting
  • Android app certificate testing



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